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Free delivery in France from 89 € of purchases

Deck of 120 memo cards "To-do" - A7


The ideal assortment of memo cards for to-do list enthusiasts. Take advantage of the four colours of to-do lists memo cards available in this deck to classify and prioritise your tasks. Getting better organised has never been easier or more fun!



Our “To-do” deck of memo cards is part of the first range of office supplies adapted to visual management and its practices, such as the Kanban wall.

Deck of 120 to-do list memo cards in 4 different colours (30 cards in each colour). Available in two different palettes: pink, yellow, blue and white or green, beige, brown and white.

Our memo cards are ultra-resistant. They have been designed to be used and reused: display them on the wall, slip them into your pockets or between the pages of a book, erase them, share them… Bring them to life with your projects!


Small handy format: A7 (74 x 105 mm).
All our memo cards are printed in France on a thick, recycled and recyclable Italian paper (260 g/m²).
Also available in A6 format.

Additional information

Find all our decks, note cards and other office accessories on our online stationery store.

Our working methods have undergone many changes in recent years, notably with the spread of agile methods, and in particular the Kanban wall, in the early 2000s. Nowadays many companies and freelancers place values derived from agile tools and methods, such as adaptability, collaboration and iteration, at the heart of their working practices. Convinced that the working tools we use condition the development of our ideas and therefore the success of our projects, we have designed the first range of office supplies adapted to these new practices. Find on our online stationery store, our range of colourful cards and agile accessories, such as our Kanban organiser, ideal for designing a mobile Kanban wall.

To find out more about this subject, we invite you to visit our “organisation, time management and agile methods” board on our Pinterest account. You can also find our favourite organisation tips on our Instagram account.

We also invite you to visit Foglietto’s blog, the Notepad. In addition to examples of how to use your memo cards, you will find some introductory articles on the agile method and its most well-known practices, such as the Kanban board. A number of articles will also give you a practical introduction to different ways of using your Foglietto note cards and our other stationery supplies.

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Deck of 120 memo cards

Find our iconic cards, available in six models and four different colors and presented in notepads of 120 cards each, on our online stationery.

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Store, classify, transport and display your cards with our solid wood storage box, our leather or cork carrying cases or our Kanban folders.

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