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Free delivery in France from 89 € of purchases

Masking tape


Increase the potential of your Foglietto memo cards with masking tape! Turn them into cute sticky notes. Masking tape is a Japanese adhesive tape. It will allow you to glue and unstick your memo cards at will. Use the masking tape to display your memo cards on a wall or in a book, but also to draw a Kanban wall or a mind map on which you can then reposition your Foglietto memo cards… perfect for a brainstorming session, alone or with others.



Masking tape is a repositionable Japanese adhesive tape, made from the rice paper traditionally used for origami. Easy to remove, it does not damage the support on which it is applied. It is also possible to write on it. These qualities make it the perfect ally for your Foglietto memo cards. Thanks to it, they can easily be transformed, during a brainstorming session, into real reusable post-it or just simple, cute sticky notes.


Unlike their self-adhesive cousins, Foglietto memo cards can be kept and reused many times after a brainstorming session. You can, for example, file them and keep them close at hand thanks to the Scatola box.

Would you like to explore different working or visual management techniques belonging to the agile method? In this case we invite you to visit our Foglietto blog. The article “How to make a Kanban wall in 5 steps” contains a lot of information on this subject. In addition to examples of how to use our reusable memo cards, you will find all our advice on how to best manage your projects in an agile and collaborative way.

Find more usage ideas on Foglietto’s blog or on our Instagram account.


Dimensions : 15 mm (unless otherwise stated) x 10 meters
Made in Japan.
Many colors available!


Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg

Deck of 120 memo cards

Find our iconic cards, available in six models and four different colors and presented in notepads of 120 cards each, on our online stationery.

Organizers and Cases

Store, classify, transport and display your cards with our solid wood storage box, our leather or cork carrying cases or our Kanban folders.

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Our sheets are designed to support your most surprising projects and ideas. Cover them with your notes and drawings, pin them, display them, erase them… In a nutshell:

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