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Bulldog clip


Also known as paper clip, bulldog clip, or document clip, metal document binders are a very old tool whose usefulness has not diminished over the centuries. The team of craftsmen at Ellepi, a small Italian company founded in the 1970s, has made this one of its specialities. Available in different colours, we invite you to discover this Italian know-how in all its splendour.



If, like us, you tend to scatter easily and accumulate loose sheets, stray invoices and other roaming documents, this small 7 cm metal bulldog clip will help you clear your head while putting a bit of cheerfulness on your desk, thanks to its many available colours! This type of paper clip, which is very widespread and has a wide range of applications, has many names depending on the use to which it is put. In French, the document clip is also called “pince à dessin”, “clip à papier” or “bulldog”.

This bulldog clip is part of our “Archivio” stationery collection, dedicated to Italian craftsmanship. Find all our other stationery items from this exceptional heritage here.


Heavy-duty steel bulldog clip.
Made in Italy, near Milan, by the company Ellepi, which also manufactures the staplers you can find in our shop.
Dimensions: 7 cm.
Different colours available: blue, green, water green, orange, yellow, black and white.


The first patent found for a metal mechanism of this type dates back to 1843 and was filed by an Englishman. However, even older advertisements from the early 19th century have also been discovered. The metal document clip was one of the first objects designed to hold documents together, long before the paper clip or stapler appeared.

You can find a wealth of information on this subject on the Early Office Museumwebsite.

In English, this type of document clip is called a “bulldog clip”, referring to the force with which the clip grips the paper, like the jaws of a bulldog. The Wikipedia page on the “bulldog clip” even has a tip for those who have to press the CTRL key on their computer repeatedly: it would be possible to use a bulldog clip to hold down the key. Beware, we have not yet tested this little tip!

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