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Frequently Asked Questions

A memo card is a small piece of cardboard on which it is possible to write or draw. They are much more flexible than notebooks and more durable than Post-it notes. The Foglietto memo cards are descendants of the index cards, invented in the 18th century. To find out more about this, please visit the “History” page of our site.

A memo card measures 7.4 cm wide by 10.5 cm high, which corresponds to an A7 format. This is the ideal format to slip between the pages of a book, in your wallet or our folders and take it with you wherever you go.

This format is similar to that of the first memo cards (also named “index cards”), which at that time commonly measured 7.6 cm by 12.7 cm.

To date, there are four different colours of memo cards: white, blue, pink and yellow, and six patterns available: dot, line, ruler, check, to-do list and blank. All designs are available in all colours, 24 options in total.

You can put together your own assortment here.

Foglietto is available in several shops in France and Europe. You can also find our full range of stationery items on our online shop (shipping is free from 100€ purchase in the European Union).

Foglietto is a great idea for an original gift! We would recommend you to opt for one of our many kits: the blue, pink or yellow stationery kits offer a wide range of original stationery items, while the A Posto and Via kits are good starter kits for using the memo cards.

You can also opt for a gift card in the amount of your choice, to be used on our online shop, to give the lucky recipient of your gift complete freedom of choice!

The very essence of Foglietto is to allow total flexibility and freedom of organisation. There are therefore no operating instructions or instructions for use.

However, Foglietto lends itself particularly well to the various organisational and project management techniques derived from the agile method. If you would like to be inspired and discover Foglietto’s many potentialities, we invite you to take a look atFoglietto’s Notepad, Foglietto’s blog.

We also share many ideas on how to use Foglietto and concrete use cases of Foglietto on our Instagram page.

For sure! Foglietto can be used in addition to a Bullet Journal or a notebook. Each of these tools also has its advantages depending on the use you wish to make of them.

We briefly discussed the different ways of using Foglietto with a Bullet journal in one of our blog posts.

Don’t hesitate to share your associations and experiences with us! Send us your photos and feedbacks by email ( or on our Instagram page.

Unlike their self-adhesive cousin, Foglietto memo cards are very versatile and have a much longer lifespan.

In this respect, they are to be preferred for long or multiple brainstorming sessions, but also for any team work. Foglietto cards can be glued (with a simple piece of masking tape), exchanged, changed, modified, taken away, slipped between the pages of a document, filed and kept at will, where a simple Post-it note would barely survive an intense brainstorming session.

For this reason, Foglietto memo cards are particularly suitable for visual management methods and project management techniques derived from the agile method, such as the Kanban wallor the scrum method.

We invite you to read the previous answer to get an idea. 😉

Foglietto memo cards, like the loose sheets on which we sometimes scribble a telephone number, an idea or a piece of conversation, can easily be forgotten somewhere. We don’t do magic! However, we have designed and manufactured a whole range of cases, folders and boxes to carry and file your memo cards.

Rest assured, however, that our best product designers are currently working on a formula against forgetfulness. 😉

Yes! If you are a company or an independent professional interested in using Foglietto for your business, please contact us at Various formulas and sliding scale rates are available.

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