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Foglietto, heir of a historic stationery item

Foglietto, heir of a historic stationery item

Inspired by the first index cards and the modular filing systems invented in the 18th century, Foglietto is the heir to a historic stationery item. Its ancestor, the index card, has accompanied scientists, philosophers and writers in their work for more than two centuries.

In 2019, the founder of Foglietto is drawing on the experience of these historic user testers and more recent design techniques to rethink the iconic desk accessory that is the index cards. This is how Foglietto was launched in December 2019. Today, our Made in France brand is present in shops in six European countries as well as in North America.

Foglietto is, in terms of organisation, the only alternative to the linear and fixed format of the notebook. Unlike the latter, Foglietto promotes agility, visual management, collaboration and iteration, at the heart of our modern working methods and innovation processes.

bibliothèque du mundaneum catalogue de fiches de notes patrimoine mondial
portrait de carl von ligne père de la taxonomie et inventeur des index cards

Carl Linnaeus invents the first modular organisation system based on index cards.

The taxonomist Carl Linnaeus, then looking for a system that would allow him to easily compile and organise his notes, invented index cards. Thanks to these small cardboard sheets, he can finally reorganise his notes as his research progresses.

fiches de notes ou index cards de carl linne
meuble à fiches de notes vintage casier à tiroirs
pile de fiches de notes ou index cards du XIXe siècle histoire

Jean-Jacques Rousseau writes his famous essay "Les Rêveries du promeneur solitaire" (Reveries of the Solitary Walker) on the back of playing cards.

fiches de notes carte à jouer de Jean-Jacques Rousseau coeur avec notes
archives catalogue de la librairie centrale de Los Angeles en 1927

The card filing system is invading trades, companies and institutions all over the world. In order to cope with this considerable mass of data to be classified and preserved, new trades, new industries and new furniture are emerging.

catalogue de bibliothèque index cards revisions et etudes

Office supplies in the age of the memo card

“The form of the thing precedes the thing. Like crosswords whose boxes I would fill in in any order I wanted. I fill in these boxes on index cards until the end of the novel. This method allows me to have a better vision of the final work without having to follow a chronological timeline. »

Vladimir Nabokov's only writing tool: the index card

notes d'écriture de vladimir Nabokov sur ses fiches de notes ou index cards

Digital databases replace card catalogues. The notebook gets to a hegemonic position in the market of office stationery and supplies.

numérisation des bases de données par les ordinateurs images d'archive

Foglietto, the small French memo cards

Emeline Pedemonte launched the Foglietto brand of agile stationery and office supplies in December 2019, after five years as an international communications officer.

Convinced that the tools we use on a daily basis condition the development of our ideas and therefore the success of our projects, she wanted to completely rethink some historical stationery items in order to create an innovative and intuitive format, in perfect harmony with our modern working methods and intrinsic ways of thinking.

Foglietto’s 100% modular format thus encourages creativity, agility, innovation and collaboration, as opposed to a notebook that constrains ideas and projects within an individual, linear and fixed framework.

fiches de notes foglietto jaunes, roses et bleues
Emeline Pedemonte fondatrice de la marque de papeterie en ligne Foglietto

A stationery brand made in France that promotes regional know-how and natural materials.

Soft and strong at the same time, surprising and yet so familiar, lively and at the same time so tender… The Foglietto memo cards are printed on recycled paper from the historic Italian manufacturer Fedrigoni.

Our paper is made from 80% recycled paper. The last 20% comes from sustainably managed forests, certified by the FSC label. The FSC label is currently considered by WWF to be “the only certification that is sufficiently demanding to assure the consumer of the legality of the wood and the sustainable management of the farm”. It is also free of heavy metals, chlorine and acids, making our memo cards fully compostable.

And as we love our little Liré as much as we love the Latin Tiber, we work with the printing company Setig Abelia, located in the Loire Valley, who only works with vegetable inks. Our leather folders are made a few kilometres from Nantes, by hand, in theAudouin family’s workshop.. Finally, our wooden pencils are manufactured in the last wooden pencil factory in France.

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One of Foglietto memo cards greatest asset compared to the notebook is that they can be exchanged, lent, given… Live and be passed on! In this spirit, we are eager to exchange with you about our products and to make Foglietto grow according to your needs and desires. Much more than just an online stationery store, Foglietto is an authentic creative community. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest !

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