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15 gift ideas made in France for an original and inspiring telework space

boite de rangement en carton originale rigide foglietto fournitures de bureau en ligne

After spending two years (among many other things) criss-crossing the virtual lands of Instagram and the World Wide Web, we can boast of having made great discoveries, and even very inspiring encounters, with other brands sharing our values, our creativity and our love of beautiful things well done.Here we have selected fifteen for you, divided into five categories: furniture, creativity, inspiration, atmosphere and comfort.A 100% craft item, and 0% tech, to better anchor yourself in reality when you spend your days sitting in front of a computer.Each of these French brands will perfect your work and creative space, at home or in the office.So many original gift ideas to offer or to treat yourself to start the year under the best auspices.

idées cadeaux made in France quark pegboard Slean mobilier Gobi gourdes

1 / Take care of your seats: furniture made in France or nothing

🪑 Slean: giving everyone the freedom to work well wherever they are

Ergonomic office chair, space-saving modular desk… Slean makes furniture made in France full of common sense.Their wooden desks, designed for teleworking, can be set up in less than two minutes and turn into a console in the evening.Their site has a configuration tool that will allow you to compose your own workspace, from the legs of the desk to the color of your chair, including small storage.Like Foglietto, Slean intends to blow a wind of freedom into your work environment, by offering you modular tools that adapt to your constraints, and not the other way around.

> Visit Slean's store and find the right office to work from home

📍 Quark: making the essential visible

If you had to choose only one keyword for this article (no, come on two, we know you have a good memory!), it would be "modularity" and "personalization".Our friends at Quark have only that in mind, to the point of having erected their love of organization and storage into a real religion.For them, our interior spaces are made to be lived in, not to be filled.Amen! Their pegboards made in Paris, available in an infinity of colors, from a magnificent yellow to a reproduction of a self-portrait by Van Gogh, passing by a giant rainbow constitute a welcome desk storage.They will allow you to make the essential visible (like our foglietti, hey, did you see that they had slipped in there?).

> Visit the Quark store and compose your custom pegboard.

🥛 Gobi: the Fill Good water bottle

Less talk, more gurgling! And indeed, what more can we say about Gobi's clever gourds? They tick all the boxes of the eco-responsible, beautiful and well thought out object.We're not going to give you the whole list again (but if you're interested, Gobi shows you in pictures what's hidden behind each of their water bottles here), but let's just tell you that these customizable water bottles in cheerful colors like we love them are a must-have accessory for any on-the-go worker.

> Visit the Gobilab and adopt your Gobi.

idées cadeaux made in France traverses school the French vikings mamie motel

2/ Wake up your brain: creative workshops and DIY kits for your workspace

🧑‍🏫 Traverses School: the school of creativity that takes traverse paths

Get out of the box, think outside the box, dare, create... Where Foglietto offers you the tool to awaken your creativity, Traverses offers you the method through its courses and workshops given by inspiring personalities, entrepreneurs, artists, adventurers, writers, doers and dreamers.À la carte or via a monthly subscription, let yourself be carried away by the flow of creation.

> Work your creative muscle by booking a workshop at Traverses.

💌 Mamie Motel: personalize your correspondence with custom-made stamps

Enter the studio of Maureen, graphic designer, illustrator and creator of stamps and linocuts.His creations, inspired by the forms present in nature, will allow you to personalize your correspondence, your foglietti or simply to exercise your creativity by creating beautiful compositions printed with a pad.Thanks to its initiation to linocut kit, you can even create your own supports and discover the art of rubber engraving.

> Personalize your correspondence with Mamie Motel stamps.

⚒️ The French Vikings: concrete DIY kits!

Lamp, candlesticks, trinket trays, planters, pots, storage boxes or coat hooks, the French Vikings have come up with a whole collection of concrete desk accessories (and others) for you to make yourself, at you, thanks to their DIY kits.We love the pop colors of these unique creations, which remind us of terrazzo patterns and Italian marble.

> Give yourself some time for manual creation with the Køffrets from The French Vikings.

idées cadeaux made in France bookster les éditions les saints pères wilo and grove

3 / Pamper your soul: an original wall decoration and collectible books

📚 Editions des Saints Pères: get in touch with the creative process of the greatest writers

When it comes to books, we believe in the Japanese approach, where the covers and titles of books that we put face up on our shelves influence our mood and the atmosphere of the room.In literature as in our relationships, it is better to surround yourself well.Éditions Les Saints Pères, which specializes in manuscripts, have understood this well.Surround yourself with the best by choosing from among their reproductions of manuscripts by Arthur Rimbaud, Virginia Woolf or even Jules Verne, and dive into the heart of the creative process of these legendary authors.

> Dress up your library with Éditions Les Saints Pères.

🖼 Bookster: the books displayed

You won't find a more original wall decoration for lovers of literature.Bookster reissues literary classics on a single page, in a unique poster format.The entire work is thus skilfully laid out through an exceptional work of typography and composition.Difficult to make a choice as their collection is rich and each poster is so different from the other.

> Never lose sight of your favorite novels again with Bookster.

🧑‍🎨 Wilo & Grove: affordable art

We love the concept of Wilo & Grove: why yet another pair of sneakers when at the same price or almost we can afford a work or an object that remains and changes our daily lives? Wilo & Grove selects unique or limited edition works each month, between €50 and €5,000, created by emerging artists.Forget the decorative objects made on the assembly line on the other side of the world.For a few additional tens of euros, you may find a unique piece that will thrill you every day of the year.

> Discover and support up-and-coming artists by visiting Wilo & Grove.

idées cadeaux made in France bougies Wabi Sabi café brulerie moka fleurs séchées monsieur marguerite

4 / Set the mood at work: create a serene and inspiring work atmosphere

💐 Monsieur Marguerite: seasonal flowers grown in France

Second in our "guilty pleasures", just after chocolate, are flowers.And if you still buy your bouquets in all innocence, know that in France, 9 out of 10 flowers are imported and have been grown in heated and lighted greenhouses in the Netherlands, Africa or Latin America.Fortunately, Monsieur Marguerite is there to give meaning to our bouquets, thanks to seasonal flowers produced in France, without heating and in a reasoned way.

> Decorate your office with Monsieur Marguerite

Psst: don't forget to slip a sweet note into your bouquet with our foglietti.

🕯 Wabi Sabi: natural candles made in Brittany

The flick of a match and you are transported to a tropical forest, an oriental spice market, or even a Scandinavian fjord.Smell is a powerful sense, which has the power to soothe us in an instant.The olfactory universe of your workspace is therefore not to be neglected, and for this the Wabi Sabi candles and diffusers, made close to home, in Brittany, from natural and healthy ingredients, will be perfect.

> Take care of your olfactory universe with Wabi Sabi.

☕️ La Brûlerie Möka: local and specialty coffees

An incredible world of arts and crafts hides in our cup, every morning.Like good wine, good coffee can be discovered, tasted and savored.It is made from terroirs, small family farms and artisan roasters who sublimate its aromas.A whole world that can be found in the coffees roasted in Marseille by Iris.An essential to start the day on the right foot!

> Energize yourself with a coffee with character, roasted by the Möka roastery.

idées cadeaux made in France chaussettes archiduchesse chaussons angarde vêtements d'intérieur 71bis

5 / Pamper your body: take advantage of working from home to work in pajamas

🩲 71bis: welcome to froufrouland!

On its website, the French fashion house of Perrine (Madame Papier) and Élise (Madame Ciseaux) tells us that according to a study, 90% of women change their clothes when they get home.But then, on telework days… how many get dressed before starting their day? This is why 71bis' elegant and comfortable homewear is more essential to us than ever!

> Revisit your (tele)working outfit with 71bis.

🧦 Archduchess: socks for days without…

Archiduchess offers you a string of socks for days without… shoes! The Archduchess socks are indeed so nice that we would almost regret to lock them in our shoes.More reasons to take them out on telework days.

> Pamper your toes with the Archduchess.

👟 Angarde: give meaning to your approach

A happy compromise for people with chilly toes who don't need to take their shoes off during their working days at home: Angarde slippers.Elegant, ultra-comfortable slippers, handmade in Spain from recycled materials.A small departure from our editorial line of Made in France, but Angarde ticks all the other boxes of eco-responsible commitment, while entrusting the manufacture of its slippers to European workshops recognized for their traditional know-how.Available in wool or vegan version.

> Discover Angarde indoor shoes.

A 100% made in France office is possible!

You will have understood that there are many French brands carried by teams of enthusiasts who, like us, do their utmost to offer you different, useful, well-designed, durable and original gift ideas. .And what would an office be without stationery? And because you can never go wrong with stationery, also think about slipping some foglietti into your hood this year.😉

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