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A notecard is a small sheet of cardboard on which you can write or draw. They allow much more flexible use than notebooks and more durable than Post-it notes. Foglietto note cards are descendants of index cards, invented in the 18th century. To find out more about this, visit the “ Our Story ” page of our site.

Our Foglietto note cards are available in two formats: 7.4 cm wide by 10.5 cm high, which corresponds to an A7 format, or 10.5 cm wide by 14.8 cm high, which corresponds to an A6 format. This is the ideal format to slide between the pages of a book or carry with you everywhere, in your pockets, your wallet or the pockets provided for this purpose.

These formats are similar to that of the first note cards which then commonly measured 7.6 cm by 12.7 cm.

To date, there are seven different colors of note cards: white, blue, pink, yellow, green, beige and brown, and six designs available: dot, line, ruler, checkered, to-do list and virgin. All designs are available in all colors and in our two formats, for 84 options in total!

Quite ! To do this, go to the “ Create your assortment of sheets ” section of our store.

Foglietto is available in several stores in France and around the world . You can also find our entire range of stationery items on this site (shipping costs are free for purchases over €89 in mainland France).

Foglietto is an excellent idea for an original gift! We advise you to opt for one of our many kits: the blue, pink or yellow stationery kits present a wide range of original stationery items, while the thematic kits make good starter kits for use of note cards. You can find your way using our menus, at the very top of this page (Our products/Your needs).

You can also opt for a gift card for the amount of your choice, to use on our online store, in order to give complete freedom of choice to the lucky recipient of your gift!

The very essence of Foglietto is to allow total flexibility and freedom of organization. There are therefore no instructions for use or instructions.

However, Foglietto lends itself particularly well to the different organization and project management techniques derived from the agile method. If you would like to gain inspiration in this area and discover the many potentialities of Foglietto, we invite you to take a look at our Blog.

We also share many use ideas and concrete use cases for Foglietto on our Instagram page .

We also provide you with mini-tutorials containing all our advice for specific uses, practical to keep on hand or to include with a gift!

Of course ! Foglietto can be used in addition to a Bullet journal and a notebook. Each of these tools also has its advantages depending on how you want to use it.

We briefly discussed the differences of using Foglietto with a Bullet journal in one of our blog articles.

Don’t hesitate to share your associations and experiments with us! Send us your photos and feedback by email ( or on our Instagram page .

Unlike their self-adhesive cousin, Foglietto cards are very versatile and have a much longer lifespan.

They are therefore preferred for long or multiple brainstorming sessions, but also for any team work. The Foglietto sheets can in fact be pasted (using a simple piece of masking tape ), taken off, exchanged, modified, taken away, slipped between the pages of a document, classified and kept as desired, where a simple Post-it would barely survive a somewhat intense brainstorming session.

For this reason, Foglietto sheets are particularly suitable for visual management methods and project management techniques from the agile method, such as the Kanban wall or the scrum method.

They will also be more suited to your most varied personal uses, from creating a recipe box to that of a fabric library to organize all your sewing materials , for example.

We invite you to read the previous answer to get an idea. 😉

You can also explore our selection of products dedicated to teamwork .

Foglietto cards, like the loose sheets of paper on which we sometimes scribble a telephone number, an idea or a piece of conversation, can easily be forgotten somewhere. We don't do magic! However, we have designed and manufactured a whole range of cases to transport and classify your cards .

However, rest assured that our best engineers are currently working on a formula to combat carelessness. 😉

Yes ! If you are a company or an independent professional wishing to use Foglietto for your business, contact Madison at Different formulas and decreasing prices exist.

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