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comment faire sa murder party avec foglietto ?

Make your Cluedo with Foglietto: tips for a DIY board game

Looking to throw a Halloween party that's out of the ordinary? Or do you simply want to spend some creative and hands-on time with your loved ones? I had an idea to embark on a creative adventure: create your own Cluedo with Foglietto, to create an exceptional Murder Party evening without too many tools and resources, apart from paper and imagination.
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Le Pumpkin Autumn Challenge 2023 avec Foglietto

The Pumpkin Autumn Challenge 2023 with Foglietto

The "Pumpkin Autumn Challenge" is a cultural challenge of the fall season, for readers, movie buffs and gamers, and this year Foglietto is here to support you. This challenge is divided into four tables, each having three or four categories. Participants can choose from four packages depending on their budget and availability. Foglietto offers here tips for organizing your mood pile, the choice of works, but also archiving and storage techniques, all using foglietti. The challenge, like Foglietto's philosophy, emphasizes inclusiveness, freedom and diversity, and offers a season rich in discoveries.

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en-tête de facture d'époque de la papeterie de Madame Veuve Pottin à Nantes

The history and heritage of Papeterie Pottin

Rue Santeuil has been the essential place for lovers of paper and organizational items for almost 200 years. Foglietto's move to 6 Rue Santeuil at the end of 2022 is ultimately no coincidence: it is in fact on this same street that a large New Year's store has developed, that of Madame Pottin. The passion and the institution that this paper maker launched alone in the 19th century continues through the opening of the Palazzo .
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boîte archiovio foglietto avec des fiches et des fiches intercalaires classées par mois de l'année

Reinventing the agenda: 3 ideas for setting up my modular agenda

Every year, I treat myself to a diary. Each time, I promise myself to be more organized in my meetings, to meet my deadlines, to optimize my time. And systematically, my diary ends up in a corner of the office, forgotten. Before, I felt a little guilty about it. Now I know that this is just not the method for me. Here are three ideas for setting up a flexible diary that adapts to your needs.
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Le Bullet Journal 100% Foglietto : toutes les astuces

The 100% Foglietto Bullet Journal: all the tips

With Foglietto, you will have all the keys to start your bullet journal, which is a superb support for expressing your creativity while improving your productivity. With simple tips, you can start creating your own bujo, which will become your daily companion!
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Connaître et comprendre ses futur·es client·es

Know and understand your future customers

The ideal customer, the empathy map and the customer journey complement each other. Implemented when creating a business with Foglietto, they will allow you to know and understand who your future customers are and will become pillars of your business strategy.
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Quand imagination rime avec organisation : le jeu de rôle x Foglietto

When imagination rhymes with organization: role play x Foglietto

How can Foglietto help me prepare my RPG in a simple and effective way, whether I am a beginner or an expert? No need to panic: we have tools that will help you organize yourself by relieving you of the superfluous, and which will allow you to express your creativity without any limits!
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L’étincelle du bonheur du bureau organisé : Marie Kondō x Foglietto

The spark of organized office happiness: Marie Kondō x Foglietto

The Konmari method and the Foglietto universe agree on one point: visual organization! So, how can you use them for your office or creative corner? And how can we optimize this moment of tidying up thanks to Foglietto? Combining the Marie Kondō and Foglietto method will allow you to gain productivity and comfort.

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message de motivation sur un foglietto pour réaliser son plan d'action

Transform your good resolutions into an action plan

At Foglietto, we don't really like the term "good resolutions". We prefer the clearer one of “objectives”. A simple little word that brings us back to the essential: an objective is a specific goal towards which our actions tend. And that's the difference between our good resolutions, jumbled cheerfully over the New Year's Eve table, like a personal development list for Santa Claus, and our goals for the coming year, which we're going to take care of. define with the right dose of realism and enthusiasm, one-on-one with ourselves.
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DIY d'une guirlande de Noël avec des foglietti usagés

DIY a Christmas wreath with used foglietti

You don't know what to do with your used foglietti, but you don't want to throw them away? We have the solution: Let yourself be tempted by creating a small eco-responsible Christmas wreath with your used foglietti to dress up your tree.

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batch cooking organisation papeterie fiches de recettes foglietto et feutres edding

Batch cooking: how to organize efficiently?

Do you want to start batch cooking to optimize the preparation of your meals for the week? Discover our tips for getting organized!
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utiliser des fiches de suivi de budget pour realiser des economies

Budget management: opt for visual management!

Are you lost in the forecast for a project? Do you want to follow your budget more efficiently? Visual management is made for you! Whether you're a team leader, project manager, freelancer, or just looking for a way to better manage your expenses, this way of working is here to make your life easier.

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fiches de lecture foglietto marque page trombone tools to liveby articles de bureaux originaux

How to write a good report card? Our tips!

Exams are fast approaching and you're starting to panic? No worries ! With good note cards, nothing is impossible. The key is to structure and write them in the best way to make them effective.
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fiche diagramme motifs tricots avec foglietto

Manage your knitting project with practical sheets

Tracking your stash, managing it without being overwhelmed, adopting a more responsible consumption of wool, it's not always easy. Fortunately, you don't have to choose between creativity and organization, quite the contrary! Our little practical sheets will help you set up a very simple visual management system for your stock of yarns and patterns. Result: an organized stash for liberated creativity!
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boite de rangement en carton originale rigide foglietto fournitures de bureau en ligne

15 gift ideas made in France for an original and inspiring telework space

After two years spent (among many other things) criss-crossing the virtual lands of Instagram and the World Wide Web, we can boast of having made great discoveries, and even very inspiring encounters, with other brands sharing our values, our creativity and our love of beautiful things well done.
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fiches suivi potager s'organiser au jardin avec foglietto

How to organize your vegetable garden and monitor your crops with Foglietto

The biggest difficulty I faced, when I started the vegetable garden and, more generally, when I started to have to maintain my garden, was to manage the impressive amount of information that I needed suddenly master: remembering the names of trees and plants, their maintenance, their needs in water, light, type of soil… from sowing periods to the name and treatment of diseases that inevitably end up contaminating our garden. It was obvious from the start that to properly maintain my garden, and hope one day to be able to grow something in my vegetable patch, good organization, precise monitoring and well-filed notes would be necessary for me. Fortunately, my garden came into my life around the same time as Foglietto.
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prendre des notes en lisant avec les fiches de notes foglietto marque page original

Write your reading sheets and organize your library with Foglietto

Our library is, for many of us, an important resource place. A place that brings us well-being and comfort, entertains us and trains us. A place to cherish, and readings we would all like to remember. Only, here it is: both the physical space we can give to our books and the mental space we have to remember them are limited. So how can we remember all our readings, the concepts they taught us, their inspirational quotes, the questions they raised? How do we remember each book? And how to organize your library to make the books talk to each other?
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bibliotheque a tissus boite a couture fiches tissus avec les fiches foglietto

How to organize your sewing projects?

However, to-do lists have many advantages, such as boosting our motivation, helping us get our heads above water, lightening our mental load and organizing our time in a realistic and concrete way. They also have significant potential and some simple improvements can allow you, with a minimum of effort, to transform your classic to-do list into a real organizational tool.
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comment tirer au maximum partie de sa to do liste avec foglietto fiches colorees

To-do list: the complete guide to sprucing up your to-do list

However, to-do lists have many advantages, such as boosting our motivation, helping us get our heads above water, lightening our mental load and organizing our time in a realistic and concrete way. They also have significant potential and some simple improvements can allow you, with a minimum of effort, to transform your classic to-do list into a real organizational tool.
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l'araignee de la dependance outil de facilitation visuelle

5 simple visual facilitation tools to use every day

Here we have selected five visual facilitation tools, all very simple to set up and with quick and concrete effects on your daily organization.
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boite en bois foglietto pour classer ses fiches de revision

Learn easily, revising for less time with the spaced repetition method (space time repetition)

Spending less time revising, while learning better, a tempting promise, isn't it? We have known for a very long time how the memorization capacity of our brain works, however, we only apply very little of the techniques that would allow us to memorize a greater quantity of information more quickly.
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dans les coulisses de la fabrication de nos fiches de notes made in france impression

Discover the secrets behind the creation of our stationery items

We meet again today for a somewhat special article! One week before the launch of our second collection, we wanted to share with you our daily life over the past six months. To do this, nothing beats telling you some of the little "secrets" behind Foglietto, through the creation of one of the flagship products that you will be able to find from September 3 on the site: the shirt organizer. Kanban.
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planning des repas de la semaine sur fiches foglietto pour économiser sur les courses

10 simple and creative organization tips to save money every day

Who would have thought that saving and managing your budget could be creative activities? And yet, we need more ideas to take a fresh look at our habits, better understand them in order to know how to question them and be relevant in the answers we can bring to this new constraint: saving.

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boite a recettes foglietto en bois massif remplie de fiches de recettes dans une cuisine

Make your recipe box with Foglietto

For many of us, the past year has been an opportunity to get back to simple things, and in particular the pleasure of cooking good meals ourselves. Here, we have not escaped the trend: brioche, homemade broth, breaded artichokes, ravioli, pizza... I had long had in mind to use Foglietto, and in particular the A Posto kit and the dividers, to make a beautiful recipe box, which would take up our great classics but also our beautiful culinary discoveries. The idea was to help us find inspiration in order to avoid, as was often the case, always cooking the same thing, when we had actually amassed a whole bunch of successful recipes over the years. Recipes that we were usually too dizzy or too tired to remember when it came to making the week's menu. Today, I'll explain how Foglietto is more practical than a notebook for keeping your recipes, how to put together a recipe box adapted to your lifestyle and give you some ideas for how to best use it on a daily basis.
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étudiant en train de réviser ses examens avec les fiches de révision foglietto

How to revise effectively in 3 steps with revision sheets?

From the baccalaureate to a speech in front of potential investors, through exams or competitions in the context of higher education, opportunities to use our memory and our ability to restore information can arise at any time in our life. life. It is therefore important to know the mechanisms and to take the time… to learn how to learn. We have identified three essential phases in any memorization and revision work, in addition to the final test of restitution: capturing the information, memorizing it and knowing how to find it. Let's see how to approach each of these steps calmly and effectively, in particular thanks to the review sheets!
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organisation d'un voyage avec les fiches foglietto masking tape sur une carte définition d'un itinéraire

How to organize your next trip with the Foglietto cards?

Winter begins to give way to spring, bringing with it the desire for holidays and a change of scenery. Many of us choose this time of year to start thinking about our summer holidays! This week we have therefore decided to present to you how Foglietto can help you organize your holidays with peace of mind, from the choice of itinerary for nomadic holidaymakers to the listings of restaurants to discover for gourmet travellers… So save space in your suitcases: condense your five bilingual travel guides and dictionaries into a few note cards!
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fiches foglietto imprimées pour organiser un brainstorming d'équipe

Brainstorming: how to print on your Foglietto cards

Foglietto has many advantages over the notebook. Being able to simply print on your index cards, from your desktop printer, is one of our favorite tricks. Bullet Journal, brainstorming, project management and meeting facilitation, we will explore different scenarios together, give you some ideas for use and explain how to proceed to simply print on your Foglietto cards!
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mur kanban simple avec plusieurs fiches de couleurs foglietto

Create a Kanban wall in 5 steps with Foglietto

The Kanban method is an agile visual management method. Widely used in the IT development community, it can be adapted to all types of projects, whether personal or professional, individual or collaborative. You can thus create a Kanban wall to distribute household chores within your family or roommate, to create a business, organize an event or launch a new product or even all of the above!
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ordinateur laissé allumé sur un bureau procrastination

Procrastination: what your favorite excuses say about you

You have read and re-read it, long, wide and across. You even took notes and went deeper into the subject by browsing the web. Yet nothing works. Nothing, not even the first episode of our series "Procrastination vs Motivation" can motivate you. So let's be honest with ourselves: Wasn't this research, in truth, just another excuse to postpone the start of your task? However, in the majority of cases, procrastination is not due to a lack of motivation, but rather to certain limiting beliefs and latent perfectionism.
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planche tendance pour imaginer un shooting photo exemple

How Mood Boards Will Save Your Creativity

Whether you're looking for a plausible reason to justify to your boss those long hours spent scrolling on Instagram and Pinterest or you want to more honestly use your time online to earn creativity points, this article is for you.
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heure affichée sur une montre pour une meilleure gestion du temps

5 ways to better manage your time

The end of the year is approaching and you haven't yet achieved all the goals you set for 2019? Cold sweats and palpitations have not left you since the start of the school year and you go backwards to work every morning? Rest assured, if you only have two months left to complete your to-do for the year, it means that you will have to develop your sense of priorities, and that, yes: it is a blessing in disguise.
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