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Batch cooking: how to organize efficiently?

batch cooking organisation papeterie fiches de recettes foglietto et feutres edding

Gourmet and organized on all sides, this article is made for you! If you know batch cooking, you know how essential organization is for this way of cooking.Saving time, energy and savings are the key words of this concept which comes straight from the USA.So, in addition to your kitchen utensils and your fridge, discover your best allies: note cards.

What is batch-cooking?

It's about devoting several hours to cooking or preparing several recipes at the same time to be quiet the rest of the week.To do this, try to choose vegetables, meat or fish common to most dishes, alternate between different utensils and cooking times in order to gain efficiency.Not everyone has 2 ovens or 4 hotplates, so this requires a certain level of logistics.

In concrete terms, this is:

  • preparing weekly menus using common preparations or ingredients (for example, leeks to use in a fondue AND in a soup AND on a slice of goat cheese with bacon bits),
  • shopping,
  • freeing up half an afternoon (or more, or less) to cook,
  • start in a logical order.

There is ONE tool that can help you save time and will accompany you throughout your process, it is: the report card ! What good can it do you?

organiser ses menus avec les fiches de notes colorees foglietto

1.Your menu on a beautiful support

Selecting your recipes also means taking the time to check that you are putting together a balanced menu according to the occasions of the week.And to stick to this menu, you'll have to write it down somewhere! What could be better than a nice note card to put it down in writing? Take your your most beautiful pen and detail your week by type of meal and what is planned: lunch, lunchbox, dinner, snack, breakfast, etc.

2.A note card to make your shopping list

The essential before leaving for your shopping trip is of course the note card!

Once you have selected your recipes, she will accompany you to the store to help you not forget anything and take the right quantities.Start by writing down each ingredient as you select your recipes.Thus, you will see at a glance which ingredient you can reuse throughout your batch cooking session.

For greater efficiency, we advise you to list your ingredients in shelf order in your store, to save you time.Select our “to-do” format: it will allow you to tick the corresponding box when your product is in your shopping cart.

With the list, you're sure to save money: it's hard to fall for unforeseen things.

batch cooking edding foglietto s'organiser en cuisine feutres

3.An organization in the " stove "

But the sinews of batch cooking is execution! You need to have well-established logistics so that all the preparations can be carried out without wasting time.

Start by listing your recipes according to their difficulty: waiting/marinating time or cooking time.

Have you planned a cassoulet that should simmer for 1 hour? Launch it first.While it cooks, you can move on to the rest.Do you have 1 kilo of potatoes to peel for your gratin dauphinois on Friday and 300 g for your potato salad on Sunday? No distinction, peel it all at once.

This preparation phase is done upstream, when the recipes are chosen.That way on D-Day, all you have to do is follow the process without thinking.And so as not to forget anything on D-Day, it should be noted.Arm yourself with your block of cards and prepare your session:

  • preparing fruits and vegetables (washing, cutting, slicing),
  • preparing recipes that take a long time to cook,
  • preparation of the latest recipes,
  • conditioning,
  • crockery and storage.

Do you have leftovers (vegetables or other)? Pack them in a jar to take them out when needed.Identify your jar with a chalk marker to find it more easily in your fridge or pantry.

Then write down your stock on a separate note card for your next batch-cooking session.This way you will avoid waste!

And if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, freeze the leftovers of your prepared meals in freezer bags.Do not forget to mark your bag with its contents, its freezing date but also its expiry date.

👉 For that, go discover the special frozen markers from our friends edding!

With all this, you'll be at the forefront of organization and you'll even save some money!

The essential: the recipe box kit

Did you like a recipe for its taste or its ease of preparation? It would be a shame to lose her! Discover our complete recipe box kit: masking tapes, stickers, note card, box and dividers... Everything is there to allow you to gather your favorite dishes and desserts in one nice wooden box.

Use different colors to identify them at a glance: type of dish, diets, season, etc.

You are now ready for batch cooking!

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