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How to write a good report card? Our tips!

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Exams are fast approaching and you're starting to panic? No worries ! With good note cards, nothing is impossible.The key is to structure and write them in the best way to make them effective.

What is the point of a grade sheet?

A lecture is a lot of words and little time to receive information, analyze it and understand it.In 2 or 4 hours, the influx of information is such that taking notes and and prioritizing them at the same time is complicated.The grade sheets are there for that: they allow you to read the course in a synthetic way by organizing its important information.

Mentally, note cards are also very supportive.When the exams are approaching and there are 3 to 6 months of lessons to revise, it is also more encouraging to have only 5 sheets to revise against 10 double copies.

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Be careful though: condensing them is not enough, they must be structured intelligently without overloading them in order to facilitate the memorization of important information.This is what will save you time!

What material do we need?

For good note-taking, it is important to have suitable material for memorizing.Bet on the visual (color, organization and titles) because the cards are mainly there to stimulate your visual memory.

1.Different colored note cards

We start with the visual support.We advise you to take special care of your note support.It should make you want to read it again and quickly see all the necessary information.To do this, do not hesitate to invest in solid and aesthetic plugs.They should follow you for several months or even a few years, so see it as a long-term investment.

If for the same subject, you have several sub-domains, opt for sheets of different colors.You will be able to quickly find the courses that interest you.

With checks, dots, stripes or lines, do not hesitate to diversify their presentation and layout.Checkered sheets can be useful for making a summary or even better: detailing the progress of your revisions by subject.The dot cards will allow you to alternate between drawings and texts.In the context of mathematical and scientific studies, these are the most suitable sheets for highlighting calculation formulas.

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Take nice pens of different colors.Broad or fine points, keep your sheet presentation plan in mind to know what to choose: important information in bold, footnotes in small, etc.

Don't make your writing styles and your colors too complex, otherwise your eye won't know what to look at and won't know what has priority and what doesn't.A fountain pen, 2 ballpoint pens of different colors, upper and lower case, and you're done!

Harmonize your colors and your layouts on all your cards so that they become a visual reflex.Your brain will assimilate it much faster: red for important information, for example, and blue for definitions.

Highlighters will also be your best allies for highlighting important passages and subjects.

3.Visual presentation tools

As much to organize them as to draw your attention, do not hesitate to use small tools to order everything.Multicoloured paper clips, funny stickers, this is an opportunity to make your note-taking fun.

Are some files more important than others? Identify them quickly with a corner made of masking tape.

Do you want to revise only what is necessary, but keep a few case studies on hand? Mark these with colored stickers so that you can only take them out when needed.

In short, use little tips like this to sort your files in order of priority and keep only what you need.


A year of lessons for 5 to 10 subjects is a long time.

Even if you summarize effectively each of the lessons, you will still find yourself with many cards to put away to avoid losing them.The vintage “sedentary” version is the wooden box for A7 cards ! Take it to the right size so that your index cards fit inside without damaging them and treat yourself to the luxury of sorting them easily thanks to dividers.You can organize them by subject, but also by progress or even revision frequency: to read every day or once a week, etc.

Choose A7 size note cards: this format is ideal when you want to take them everywhere: on transport, to the doctor, during lunch break or even in the garden in the evening.These nomad sheets are made to follow you and help you make the most of your time.But to transport them without damaging them, opt for a solid and compact leather pouch: it takes up little space in a backpack or handbag and you can select the cards to review each day.Do you have a small budget? The same cork version pouch is available on our online store.It is made with the same care and quality as all our other products and is perfectly suited to your small budget.

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There you go! With all these essentials, you are and you can take the plunge.

How to study well using review sheets?

Your note cards are well written and well organized, but you don't know where to start? Discover the spaced repetition method.

This learning technique allows you to:

  • to learn easily,
  • to retain your lessons for a long time,
  • while revising for less time.

Sorcery? No way ! To find out more, head to our dedicated article.

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