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How to organize your next trip with the Foglietto cards?

organisation d'un voyage avec les fiches foglietto masking tape sur une carte définition d'un itinéraire

Winter begins to give way to spring, bringing with it the desire for holidays and a change of scenery.Many of us choose this time of year to start thinking about our summer holidays! This week we have therefore decided to present to you how Foglietto can help you organize your holidays with peace of mind, from the choice of itinerary for nomadic holidaymakers to the listings of restaurants to discover for gourmet travellers… So save space in your suitcases: condense your five bilingual travel guides and dictionaries into a few note cards! Andiamo!

Imagine the trip of your dreams thanks to the cards

Travelling is above all about choosing: where to go, how long to leave, which places to visit, how much time to devote to each stage, road trip or all-inclusive resort?

Are you a little lost in the face of all these possibilities? What if you made it easier for yourself by giving material to several scenarios? To do this, it's very simple:

  1. Write on each sheet a possible stage of your trip or a place you particularly want to visit.At this stage, mix cities, monuments, regions... It doesn't matter! Do not hesitate to detail on your sheets what you like in each of these destinations.This will help you if a choice is necessary.
  2. Play with the cards to create different possible routes.You can even place them on a map of the country or region concerned.This will allow you in particular to see which are the “zones” to privilege in case you do not have time to do everything.
  3. Take a photo of each itinerary thus imagined, then give yourself time to come back to it before making a decision.

You can also use masking tape to trace the route on a map.In this case, do not hesitate to write on the masking tape the number of kilometers or the travel time required from one point to another.This little trick will help you stay reasonable and realistic.

Finally, remember that this is all about a vacation, not a collection of “places to see” or Instagrammable photos to take.So do not forget the most important and take into account the time needed to immerse yourself in each place and enjoy it to the full.😉

realiser son itineraire de voyage avec des fiches de notes

Organize important information step by step and adjust your trip

Places to visit, activities to do, restaurants to eat, shops to discover... In theory, there is no shortage of ideas! If you do not want to walk around constantly with a backpack full of travel guides, remember to write down in advance on your Foglietto cards the addresses of the places you absolutely want to discover.

Proceed by type of information, for example giving a simple code to your trip:

  1. Number each leg of your journey.
  2. For each of these steps, plan a set of cards on which you will write the same number in the box provided for this purpose.Dedicate, for example, lined sheets to restaurants and cafes, checkered sheets to activities, blank sheets to cultural visits, etc.Do not hesitate to also include practical information about each location on your sheets: opening hours, prices, history, telephone number, etc.
  3. Are you traveling with your children? Imagine fun games! Entrust them with new sheets at each stage, with riddles about the city, challenges to be met at each new stage, etc.

Have you decided to go on a slow vacation? We love ! In this case, go to the end of the principle: forget your phones, computers and tablets before leaving, and only take on board what is strictly necessary: ​​a few Foglietto sheets with practical information and the vocabulary necessary to make you understood and discuss with the locals once there…

organiser son voyage avec une belle papeterie foglietto

Keep all the practical information at your fingertips with index cards

Route, flight times and numbers, hotel addresses, contact details for vehicle rental companies, practical vocabulary... When travelling, there is a lot of information to keep close at hand, but we don't always have want to have our phone on us.

So remember to copy all this information onto separate note cards, which you will keep in strategic places: slip a sheet containing all your times and flight numbers into your passport, keep the contact details of the vehicle rental company and assistance with your driver's license, keep the address and phone numbers of your accommodations in your wallet...

bien choisir l'itinéraire de son voyage fiches de notes foglietto roses sur carte de bangkok

Organization sheets: little extras that we appreciate!

Finally, and as always, give free rein to your desires and your creativity! Dream up your ideal vacation, list on a to-do list all the books you want to read, if you are a big fan of literature, go so far as to explore local literature.Cinephile? Do the same with movies! Or even the music.

Film photography enthusiasts, also use your files to keep track of your photo settings and the places/times corresponding to each image.

Also use two to-do list cards to pack your ideal bags and make sure you don't forget anything important.If you travel by plane, use a card for your cabin suitcase, in which you will take care to slip a survival kit for the first two days, in case of loss of your suitcase.Keep this sheet for the return, and perhaps even for your next trips.

Take full advantage of the numbering system of your files in order to keep a real memory of your travels, which you can relive either chronologically thanks to these numbers, or in a thematic way, by choosing for example to read only the sheets that you have dedicated to the places you have visited.Once the trip is over, perhaps you will indeed want to keep certain cards and, why not, slip them into your photo album, in order to tell a real story... As with any use of your Foglietto, it is it's up to you to invent your own codes!

In summary, prepare your trip simply in 4 steps:

  1. Imagine your itinerary and estimate the number of days needed (or vice versa),
  2. Plan for each stage of your trip, the list of restaurants where to eat, shops to discover, your accommodations, activities to do...
  3. Keep all practical information about your trip and routes in strategic places,
  4. Enrich this program with worksheets that make you happy: books to read, films to see, travel notes or sketches...
  5. Slip your files into your Busta pocket, and off you go for a light holiday, without a phone, without a computer and without cumbersome travel guides!

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