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Manage your knitting project with practical sheets

fiche diagramme motifs tricots avec foglietto

We all have an overwhelming passion! For some of us, that passion takes the form of dozens and dozens of skeins and balls of yarn neatly tucked away in a dedicated closet (or maybe even several).Yarn brands, colors, worsted, fingering or aran, patterns or needles...

Following your stash, managing it without being overwhelmed, adopting a more responsible consumption of wool, it's not always easy.Fortunately, you don't have to choose between creativity and organization, quite the contrary! Our little practical sheets will help you set up a very simple visual management system for your stock of yarns and patterns.Result: an organized stash for unleashed creativity!

Manage your wool stock with peace of mind

As in sewing, inventory management will take a lot of your mental load off.By cutting a wool sample and dedicating a card to it, you no longer need to rummage through your stash  ! You will see at a glance what you have left in terms of color or yarn thickness such as lace or chunky.

We advise you to provide at least information for each yarn:

  • his brand,
  • its color,
  • its footage,
  • his weight, etc.

Main advantage: the time saving of course, but also the financial gain and the reduction of your ecological impact.By having better visibility on your leftover yarn, you avoid accumulating balls that remain in your closet indefinitely.You will be able to use up to the last thread before making new purchases.

Our essentials to do your inventory:

  1. our highlighter pen and a ruler,
  2. our archive boxes,
  3. colored index cards,
  4. a stapler or paper clips.

The same goes for knitting needles of course! Short, long, fine points, diameters, hooks... Gather all this information in a single table sheet to find everything at a glance.If in doubt about size or diameter, use a needle gauge.This handy tool will quickly become your best ally for sorting through your knitting or crocheting needles.

A conversion table to avoid confusion

Have you found THE pattern for the sweater of your dreams, but it's in English? Not easy to navigate with these English, American and French indicators.By providing yourself with a conversion checklist (much like in the kitchen), it will be much easier to carry out your project.

Provide a column for measurements in millimeters (French) then decline them in US and UK equivalent.

Do the same for the measurements in cm and inch.

organisation pelotes laine

A sheet to collect all your downloaded patterns

Downloaded/recovered patterns are starting to invade you?

Take advantage of this to create a dedicated library.An individual sheet to summarize each pattern in your possession and you're saved.e ! Our notepad with dots or checkered cards will be perfect for this.

In addition to storing them in a dedicated archive box and sorting them by type of project, you can also jot them down quickly in a small notepad or pin them on a card.

To go even further, you can attach to your wool sheets and your pattern sheets a follow-up sheet for each project in progress.

Personalize this sheet according to the criteria you have chosen: level of progress, new techniques, modifications, etc. The idea is to avoid mistakes while saving you time when you want to resume an unfinished knit or crochet.

The next time you start a new project, all you have to do is pull out your wool sheets and your pattern sheets, so you will quickly see the yarns already available to you for this project.

You can also find at a glance the patterns to make with the stock you already have.

By coupling this organization with your inventory, you can quickly see if you have everything available to get started on a project.

A reminder for self-management

Whether it's for knits or to take your project on a trip, it would be a shame to forget things at home.Do you plan a reminder to be sure.e to take everything: project in progress, wool, needles, books, etc.

Cards and visual organization in general are also an excellent learning aid.Do not hesitate to make a sheet for each new motif or technique in order to memorize it more quickly.

For this our checkered worksheets will be great: use them as a blank base to copy your knitting diagrams on.To read the pattern models in English, also opt for the reminders with a glossary of English-French terms (AIG, Gauge, Purl).

👉 Example of a conversion chart for knitting

With all these sheets, you have all the information you need to manage your stock or get started on a project without having to mess around and spread out your stash of balls and skeins, or delve into a translation dictionary.

gestion stock laine

So why deprive yourself? Foglietto provides you with the needed to organize yourself visually and therefore more intuitively.Practical sheets, colored or white, squared or lined in the format you want, they are all customizable according to your desires and your projects.

Use them to their full potential with our accessories and storage boxes to classify and organize them.

Head to our online store to get started !

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