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When imagination rhymes with organization: role play x Foglietto

Quand imagination rime avec organisation : le jeu de rôle x Foglietto

Let's start at the beginning: what is a role-playing game (or “jdr” for those who are connoisseurs)? There are several words that allow us to describe this category of board game: whimsical, creativity, adventure, the thrill of the unexpected and chance. In any case, it is not a simple board game, but a collaborative theatrical experience! Role playing actually opens new doors for you, towards a more or less fanciful universe, where only two things matter: your imagination and your luck at the dice (because yes, the strength of your mind will not be enough to make you experience a remarkable campaign, the dice rolls will decide your actions and especially their success). However, you must keep in mind that in a role-playing game, the possibilities are endless, the only limit being your capacity for imagination.

🧚‍♂️ But in this case, how can Foglietto help me prepare my RPG in a simple and effective way, whether I am a beginner or an expert? No need to panic: we have tools that will help you organize yourself by relieving you of the superfluous, and which will allow you to express your creativity without any limits! We will support you during all stages of your campaigns and you will find in Foglietto a true adventure companion, from character creation to tips that will make you a good GM. We will first discuss, and in a general way, how to link imagination and organization, then, in more detail, we will present to you the products made in Foglietto which will accompany you throughout your adventures.

how to make the jdr game master with the foglietto kanban shirt

What are the basics of role playing and how does Foglietto meet your needs?

First of all, we will have two categories of players: the role-players (literally, the people who play a role, a character) and the game master (or dungeon master, which comes to us from term “Dungeon Master” from a famous American license). The characters are those who experience the adventure, while the teacher is the one who writes it. It is therefore the latter who directs the story, who chooses the locations, the treasures but also the obstacles and puzzles which block the path of the players. Let's see it as the only player being omniscient while the others follow the story by choosing to take this or that path (often thought out beforehand by the master) and to accomplish this or that action. The events follow one another in this way, thanks to the dice rolls of the roleplayers who, depending on their success or failure, advance more or less in their quest. Since players can have overactive imaginations, you have to hope that the teacher is well prepared !

Roleplayer or game master, the principle remains the same: you evolve in a fantastic universe with very different characteristics from the world in which we live. Scary monsters and magic reign in most role-playing games. Whether you are more attracted by the medieval universe (like that of JRR Tolkien's books) or a post-apocalyptic world invaded by zombies, everything is possible, you just have to make your choice ! However, a lot of information is necessary to be able to play: your character's skills, the weapons they master, the magic spells they know, etc. It's not easy to remember everything! The dungeon master, like the player characters, has a lot of data, central to the game, to understand and learn .

🧚‍♂️ We find all this information in books written and illustrated for this purpose, but they are often spread over several volumes, and therefore scattered. Foglietto offers you the tools to play only with what you need, having everything before your eyes, without having to burden yourself with your large manuals or your computer or other devices that cut off the fantastic atmosphere . We therefore suggest that you stay in the universe and play peacefully, while helping you gain creativity and personalization: discover our advice.

prepare your campaign as a RPG game master

How to link imagination and organization?

Simplify your life to be able to play peacefully, without any hassle, with your friends: isn't that the dream of all gamers? It's even better when your boundless creativity meets your flawless organization , and without sacrifice. Discover our tips and products as well as how to use them effectively for enjoyable games. Our foglietti, our Kanban shirt and our Archivio box will be your best companions when going on an adventure! Let us introduce them to you:

Our sheets, or foglietti , to write down everything you need. Organize the essential data for your game in advance: your history, your weapons, your spells, your skills, etc. Choose your colors and patterns to create your visual code. So, since it will be specific to you, your understanding will only be better! Visually, it will be absolute comfort: a color for your magic, a particular pattern for the weapons, it's up to you.

• Whether you are a game master or a roleplayer, the Kanban shirt is your ally: it is a visual organization tool, allowing you to have all your important information in front of you, but also to move it around as the campaign progresses. As the master of the game, the Kanban shirt, once properly deployed, serves as a screen . Your campaign secrets are thus safe! Two-in-one, this gives you less to take away and put on the table: on one side you can use the Kanban to place the elements of the campaign, and on the other side you protect these elements from the players ·his. In addition, with several folders and their dividers, you can store your campaigns in a binder, or take them with you to your games and find your way easily. In addition, this leads to a new major advantage: you have fewer objects and documents to place on the table. If each player brings their kit made in Foglietto, you will have space to put your card in the center of the table, but also your snacks and drinks (which is not negligible when we are talking about games of more than six hours…).

• The Archivio box and its dividers : this small cardboard storage allows you to sort your old campaigns, or quite simply to store all your cards which no longer find their place in your Kanban (once again, this frees you from having to unnecessary load).

With a set of six dividers, you can organize yourself, for example, as a game master, as follows (each point corresponding to a divider):

  • Main lines of the campaign,
  • Players (important information only),
  • Spell cards - which, generally, are printed on A7 format, a bit of cardboard, so nothing stops you from printing them on foglietti or even drawing them yourself (and for the more creative, creating your own spells and characteristics),
  • Treasures,
  • NPCs - non-player characters, namely enemies or companions encountered during the adventure, who are played by the dungeon master (it is he or she who will launch the dice of these characters),
  • Monsters.
character sheet to do yourself jdr foglietto

As a roleplayer, the Archivio is just as useful to you:

  • Past campaigns to remember events,
  • Main abilities and characteristics (everything related to the character's skills and history),
  • Weapons,
  • Spells,
  • Inventory (bag),
  • NPCs and other player characters / missions and objectives.

These are obviously only examples, not exhaustive, only you will find the storage that suits you.

These three pillars, the foglietti, the Kanban folder and the Archivio box, will be your companions for the adventure! We will then give you the main advantages offered to you if you equip yourself with these three tools.

kit to make your own jdr foglietto role-playing game

What does Foglietto bring to my roleplay?

Forget your notebooks in which you lose your information over time: foglietti provide a new way to organize yourself simply and without hassle. The objective would be to only take a Kanban folder (prepared in advance if necessary), a reserve of foglietti and a few pencils: no need for more. The constraints generated by the notebook evaporate, you are then relieved of all physical alienation. And let's note that beyond the practical notion of our tools, new doors open to let your imagination run wild a little more.

The spirit of Foglietto meets the whimsical spirit of role-playing, and they agree on one thing: creativity . You can completely free yourself from the formal framework of the universe (namely game encyclopedias, in paper or digital format) by simply having the important information reported on foglietti and stored in your Kanban folder. You can even create your own sheets (spells, weapons, etc.) without relying on an official manual. The cards and the Kanban offer you real creative freedom and a visual and effective organization that suits you.

🧚🏻 To summarize in a few words, you are a winner on two levels: in organization, but also in creativity. It’s an opportunity that joins the fantasy universe. The customization offered by the foglietti and the Kanban shirt is limitless, and thus corresponds to the infinite possibilities of role-playing. These tools allow you to adapt to the epic, without having to take everything with you: take what you need and don't have any more clutter.

RPG rolist kit to create your own character sheets and personalized campaigns foglietto

What are you waiting for to go on an adventure with us?

The bonus is our 100% leather Busta pouch to carry your stash of foglietti with class! You could even slip in your favorite dice.

kanban shirt and busta pouch to organize your jdr campaigns

In addition to our Foglietto products, you have the little ones on the side, the attractions which will immerse you even more in the world of role playing:

  • Apricity cotton pencil case : to have the essentials, namely your pencils and other materials, as well as your reserve of foglietti, which fit perfectly,
  • Elastic pencil holder : you're not one of those who use pencil cases, but you still want to carry a few pencils and your stash of foglietti? The elastic is for you: carry up to three pencils and as many foglietti as you want, without taking up too much space.
  • Pencil sharpener eraser : two-in-one, like Kanban,
  • Masking tapes : multiple and unlimited uses,
  • Ferris Wheel Press inks and peacock feather: stay in the “other times” theme and make your adventure objects (letters, missions, clues and treasures) even more realistic.
🧚🏻 For the lucky people of Nantes, you can benefit from the exclusives of thePalazzo ! To know :
  • Eraser book: the only manual you will take during your campaigns,
  • Wooden pencil: Stay Magical or Adventure Awaits, choose your weapon!
  • Wax sticks and seal, with envelopes: create real quests for your players.

To summarize, we will answer one question as simply as possible: “ how to prepare your RPG with Foglietto? ”:

  1. Equip yourself with your favorite foglietti, and create your personal visual code,
  2. Organize your Kanban folder to have all the necessary information in front of you,
  3. Go on an adventure!
  4. Come back to Earth, and store your campaign in your Archivio box,
  5. Restart !

🧝🏻‍♀️ If you want to go on an adventure, whether you are a beginner or already at an advanced level, Le Temple du Jeu will welcome you with good advice. This April, you can find us in their store in Nantes, with concrete examples of uses: detailed character sheets, a Kanban used on screen, a well-organized Archivio box, everything will be there. At the Palazzo, you will also find some individual dice, enough to color your campaigns and give you a boost of luck!

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