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Transform your good resolutions into an action plan

message de motivation sur un foglietto pour réaliser son plan d'action

At Foglietto, we don’t really like the term “good resolutions”.We prefer that of “objectives”.A simple little word that brings us back to the essential: an objective is a specific goal towards which our actions tend.And that's the difference between our good resolutions, jumbled cheerfully over the New Year's Eve table, like a personal development list for Santa Claus, and our goals for the coming year, which we're going to take care of. define with the right dose of realism and enthusiasm, one-on-one with ourselves.In the following article, we will therefore see together how Foglietto can help you set the right objectives, set milestones and define your success criteria, organize your year according to a realistic calendar and, finally, keep in mind both the global vision, the source of your motivation and your energy, and the small steps to be taken every day in order to achieve it.Andiamo!

First of all: what is a good lens?

“Playing sports”, “understanding what I want to do with my life” or “spending more time with family” should probably sit at the top of the podium of the most popular resolutions taken at the start of the year… but also less held!

Let's start by asking ourselves why we don't keep our good resolutions:

  1. Gap between cost and benefit: resolutions often involve short-term costs while the benefits are only felt in the medium/long term.
  2. Disconnection from reality: the resolutions as we formulate them are more often a wish than an objective.They do not have a concrete and specific character.
  3. Finally, these are often good generic resolutions, which we don't really want.Let's also be creative in our good resolutions!

So before you grab your pencil and make your list, ask yourself the right questions.Go beyond the new year's chestnut trees (health, love/family, and success) to come up with a specific list of up to five good resolutions that you really want to see come true this year.At Foglietto, we really have only one thing in mind for the coming year: conquer the world introduce Foglietto to as many people as possible.It's simple, but very vague.Far too vague.

We are therefore going to reformulate all of this by dividing this resolution into several “small” objectives.For this, we will give objectives to our objectives.Yes ! To become a good objective, our good resolution must therefore be:

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Acceptable,
  • Realistic,
  • Temporally defined.

This is the SMART goal rule.

By applying this technique, we therefore go from the good resolution “to introduce Foglietto to as many people as possible” to the following three objectives:

  1. Gain better visibility,
  2. Build a network of partner stores,
  3. Developing a business offer.

But these objectives are not yet sufficiently defined.We are therefore going to make them more specific and measurable by setting milestones for each of them.

Set milestones and get some rewards

Our favorite part! We will continue to go into the specific, but without losing sight of our original resolution, by dividing our three objectives into several milestones.

What is a milestone? A milestone is a defined step within your goal.Let's set three milestones per goal and associate each of these milestones with a small reward.If your original resolution was to take better care of yourself, for example, you may have set your first goal to do more sport.The milestones of this objective could therefore be:

  • Milestone 1: run for at least 20 minutes twice a week for a month,
  • Milestone 2: Enroll in a class at a gym,
  • Milestone 3: Run for at least 30 minutes three times a week for two months.

Then define for each milestone the actions to be taken to achieve it as well as a reward if you reach it.For our part, we have defined as the first milestone of our objective “to acquire better visibility” to have 5,000 followers on Instagram by the end of the year.Concretely, this will require work on our part:

  • Write at least two blog posts per month,
  • Setting up partnerships,
  • Create beautiful ads,
  • Write a press release and press kit and send it,

In order to mitigate the cost/benefit gap we talked about in the first part of this article, we encourage you to savor each of your progress by granting you a reward for each milestone reached.On our side, we already know that we would like to offer ourselves a new, more efficient work computer, if we manage to cross this symbolic threshold!

Organize the year according to a realistic calendar

As we have seen, a “good” objective must be temporally defined.To continue to draw up a real action plan for 2020 based on your good resolutions, we encourage you to take the time to organize your milestones on a calendar.

This will also allow you to check the feasibility of your goals based on your other personal and professional constraints.

If possible, try to make everything as visual as possible, for example by recording your milestones on a wall calendar like Foglietto's.Of course, for it to work, it will have to be displayed! Having it in front of you daily will serve as a little reminder and will allow you to monitor your progress over the weeks, while not losing sight of your final objective (to be in better shape or to make Foglietto known to as many people as possible , if we follow our two examples).

It is very important to set goals that are demanding enough to be stimulating, but also accessible enough to be achievable, otherwise you will create immense frustration and a feeling of failure that you would do without.Because do not forget that everyday life will quickly catch up with you.Therefore, favor objectives that are not subject to external conditions beyond your control, such as obtaining a loan or the availability of another person.

Good resolutions: stay motivated throughout the year

You already know that your biggest obstacle will be procrastination! Hence the interest of little tips like milestones/rewards that will help you maintain a certain motivation throughout the year.

And while milestones are a good way to visualize your progress and the benefits you derive from them in the short term, you should also not lose sight of the overall objective towards which all your actions tend.To do this, do not hesitate to create mood boards or visual boards that will help you visualize it (we explain here how to do it!).

Finally, give yourself the means to create time on a daily basis to reach the next milestone.Identify your "time thieves" and pull the rug out from under them: put your phone on airplane mode for a while, sacrifice an episode of your current series, take the train instead of the car and, in addition, make a gesture for the planet, also take the opportunity to move forward on your files...

Your daily activities will also quickly take over your to-do list.So that you don't lose your mind about the next action to take in order to move towards your goal for the year, always keep your little “2020” to-do list in your bag, hanging on the bathroom mirror or your desk or even as a bookmark.It also works with little words of encouragement!

To sum up, we have four tips for you to stay motivated on a daily basis:

  • Break down each of your goals into several milestones and assign each one a reward,
  • Always keep your end goal in mind and visualize it with tools such as creative boards,
  • Free up time on a daily basis by identifying your “time thieves” and pulling the rug out from under them,
  • Send little reminders throughout your day of the next action that requires your attention: memo card as a bookmark, in your Busta pocket, on the bathroom mirror, on your fridge or on your desk.

Transform good resolutions into an action plan with Foglietto

Foglietto is the ideal tool to support you throughout the year, from the definition of your action plan to its day-to-day implementation.Its unlimited modularity allows you to evolve your plan throughout the year, while keeping notes always clear, without wasting paper.

In order to take advantage of all its advantages, we recommend that you also bring a wall calendar, which will help you maintain an overall view of your final objective throughout the year, as well as the Busta pouch, to accompany you day by day in carrying out each of your actions.

We have chosen to use the three colors of plugs, but you can of course choose to amplify what we are offering here by reproducing it on several projects, and by assigning for example a single color to each project.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Write down your “absolute” objective for the year on the pink card (be careful, it must be SMART!)
  2. Divide this objective into three sub-objectives, much more concrete and even more SMART.
  3. Define for each objective three milestones that mark the progress of the objective.
  4. Write each milestone at the top of a yellow list to-do card, numbering it.
  5. List for each milestone all the actions necessary or desirable for its successful completion.
  6. On another sheet, let all your desires and your creativity speak for themselves by imagining a reward for each milestone!
  7. Set a time target for each milestone and write it down on your wall calendar.If you choose to display this plan on your wall, you can also put the date on the masking tape that will hold your card in place.
  8. Repeat steps 3-6 for each goal.

And here we go for a year !

As the year progresses and your project progresses, you can add sheets, containing, for example, lines of thought for the actions to be taken.Don't hesitate to take the to-do cards list of current milestones or the "objective" or "reward" cards with you, in your Busta pocket, or display them in a clearly visible place, so as not to lose them. your goal (and reward) view.

Join us on Instagram for our other organization tips.

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