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The spark of organized office happiness: Marie Kondō x Foglietto

L’étincelle du bonheur du bureau organisé : Marie Kondō x Foglietto

The Konmari method and the Foglietto universe agree on one point: visual organization! So, how can you use them for your office or creative corner? And how can we optimize this moment of tidying up thanks to Foglietto? Combining the Marie Kondō and Foglietto method will allow you to gain productivity and comfort. By keeping only the essential and thus highlighting it, you will be able to move forward with peace of mind in your professional projects but also in your creative projects.

What is the “Konmari” method and how does it fit into the Foglietto vision?

You have probably already heard of Marie Kondō: considered today as the high priestess of calm organization and positive tidying, she created a new method to help you sort your belongings and get rid of the superfluous. His essay, The Magic of Tidying Up , first published in 2011, has sold more than two million copies and has been translated into thirty-five languages. You can even find a manga version!

Her philosophy can be summed up in a few words: only keep what gives you a “spark of joy” (translation of the Japanese term “ tokimeku ”. The mission that Marie Kondō has given herself is therefore to help us to no longer be cluttered, to eliminate the mental load which very often rubs off on our physical affairs. Keeping for the sake of keeping is never healthy: you have to know how to let go of the useless (even if it was useful one day). Indeed, the spark of joy must be felt in the present moment: take the case of an object which gave us this sensation, but which has ceased to do so - then, I must separate myself from it.

💡 Marie Kondō's advice before starting your sorting : keep your boxes and their lids in order to reuse them as a storage base, for example a box for pencils, another for masking tapes, etc. The Konmari technique is therefore present on your shelves, the boxes and their lids thus taking the role of separator in your drawers, everything finding its place. The primary advantage of boxes is the optimization of your space, however small it may be. You can also find what you're looking for in our Archivio boxes , which are practical for reorganizing! We will present them to you in a little more detail later, and we will also have some tips made in Foglietto to get you started!

What is Marie Kondō’s technique for arranging papers?

We will first present the steps to you:

  • Scatter everything in the middle of the room or the table, remembering to remove the cards from their pocket or box,
  • Assume that you are not going to keep anything (with the exception of important documents, such as pay slips; do not hesitate to check the retention period for all administrative papers beforehand). The goal of telling yourself that you have to throw everything away (or recycle) is to not keep things just “just in case”: this is not a valid excuse, according to Marie Kondō, to accumulate objects without any use or sentimental value. We get rid of as much as possible!
  • Make four piles: important documents to keep indefinitely, papers to throw away (or recycle), those to process, and obviously a sentimental pile (the one where the papers give you the spark of joy!),
  • Sort !

Few steps, but they don't happen without a hitch! It is difficult, and stressful in certain situations, to find yourself faced with piles of more or less important documents. We can even find ourselves faced with drafts, using only a tiny part of the sheet, or even loose pages torn from their notebook.

"If the prospect of having to throw everything away bothers you, imagine if I walked into your office to tell you that I'm going to shred all your papers. What would you do in this situation? Which ones would you want to save from the shredder?"

Threat or advice, the line is very fine in this statement reported from The Magic of Tidying up ... However, Marie Kondō is not wrong: you have to know how to turn the page (no pun intended). Sorting and recycling is important to move forward peacefully , and the first step is to travel with light luggage.

tidy office with the marie kondo and foglietto method

Foglietto to the rescue!

🌟 Forget your dozens of notebooks and your A4 sheets piling up on top of each other, and switch to foglietti. Our A7 format sheets (also available in A6 format ) will make your life easier in terms of organization. Thanks to our storage tools, like the Archivio box , but also our Kanban folders , organizing your desk, tracking your projects and storing them has never been so pleasant.

As we said above, the objective of such a sorting, of this big spring cleaning , is to start again on a good basis so as not to have to carry out any more in the future. With the Foglietto sheets, you can make this new start: prepare your upcoming trips , your budget , your professional objective, organize your recipes and your shopping for the week , carry out your multiple schedules, etc. Our foglietti have no limits regarding the use you give them. The advantage of their size (especially the A7, namely 7.4 cm by 10.5 cm) is that you only mark the essentials, and the advantage of our storage tools is that you find your way easily, even over time.

Take for example a Tesoro box with our dividers, which you use for your weekly dish preparations (see our article on “ batchcooking ”): everything is visible and organized so that you do not have to rummage through a notebook (or even in several scattered notebooks). Our tools follow the Konmari method which explains that you must store your clothes "vertically", which allows you to see everything without putting your hands in it: like your dressing room, organize your office or your space "vertically" and not you lose more in your business .

💡 Foglietto tip #1: using our sheets for your multiple needs is an option that optimizes both your work, thinking or creation space, but also your productivity.
  • The Kanban folder allows you to have all the information for your project in front of you, whether for your embroidery, for your role plays, for your revisions, everything is possible!
  • The Archivio box allows you to store your foglietti, without piling them up and accumulating them in a corner of your cupboard or at the bottom of your drawer, which thus creates a simple and practical classification of papers,
  • The Tesoro and the wooden organizer promise you a clean and tidy space without having the feeling of disorder that a binder or several notebooks can give.
  • How to organize your workspace or creative space?

    To store all your equipment, the pencils that you have kept “just in case” since your childhood, or the collection of notebooks that continues to increase, the operation will be very similar to that of storing your papers. We explain the steps to you:

    • Sort by category: pencils and pens, notebooks and notebooks, Masking tapes, correspondence kit, paper clips and pins, erasers and glue, and so on. Everything has its place, in recycling or in your drawers, and it's up to you to decide,
    • Check the condition of these objects: for example, separate the used pencils and the pencils that are still working, put the complete notebooks on one side, those that are only half used on the other side and finally those that are only half used on the other side. are new and pristine,
    • Do it alone: ​​it is important to accomplish this task yourself and without anyone's help or influence!
    • Love and thank every object: It may seem strange to say “thank you” to inanimate objects, but remember that they have been useful to you when you needed them, whether it was you who chose them yourself, or that they were offered to you from a good intention,
    • Store “vertically”: or to better illustrate it, store so that everything is visible to the eye, without having to rummage or slip through all your objects. This also encourages you to get rid of what you no longer use, because vertical organization can reduce storage space: you only keep what you need and store it well!
    💡 Tip number 2 from Foglietto, that of tidying up your drawers: our Archivio boxes will be your best friends! For example, a box for your markers, the lid for your Masking tapes , and everything will be visible to you, without having to fiddle around at the bottom of your things.
    🌟 Foglietto's tip number 3, for a clean desk : the wooden organizer for all your writing essentials. Indeed, whether in small or large format, our desk organizer is perfect for easily having your favorite equipment, while maintaining an appearance that evokes that “everything is in its place”. Within reach and visible, your pen and foglietti are ready to use, with no drawer to open!
    office storage storage accessory for pens, paperclips, cartridges

    How can you transform the ordeal of spring cleaning into a moment of renewal and well-being?

    “Paper management is usually the most time-consuming part of tidying a workspace.”

    Marie Kondō recognizes this: the part of her method which consists of sorting and arranging her paper documents is not the most fun... The objective, when we tidy up this part of these things, is to take the “good resolution” to never again drown in an accumulation of paper! Once your spring cleaning is done and completed, it seems crucial to start off on a good basis, which is possible (and easy) with Foglietto. Our promise is, from now on, you'll love having an organized work or creative space - for the long term.

    So it’s time for renewal with Foglietto! By creating your own storage code, you will no longer be overwhelmed by a mountain of papers or notebooks. You have to know how to let go of your belongings in order to feel peaceful. To do this, we offer you our “Tutto A Posto” Kit , which will allow you to get off to a good start and get organized without worrying. With this kit, you will have the tools to tidy up your space, whether it is your desk or your creative corner. This kit is intended to be simple and uncluttered and will serve as a basis for you to tidy and organize your space as you wish.

    The “ Tutto A Posto ” Kit is composed as follows:

    • An Archivio box for multiple uses: for example, one to sort your foglietti, and another which serves as storage (vertically, as the Konmari method requires) for all your belongings in your drawers and on your shelves),
    • A set of 6 dividers to organize your Archivio.
    • Three blocks of 120 cards in A7 format (or 360 cards by weight at the Palazzo for the lucky ones).
    With him, your renewal gets off to a good start, serene and peaceful!

    Arrivederci loose sheets and notebooks by the thousand, buongiorno Foglietto!

    What are the advantages of the Konmari method for your desk, drawers and papers? Foglietto sums them up simply:

    • Improve your professional performance,
    • Gain creativity,
    • Create an environment conducive to concentration,
    • Rediscover your values, keeping what gives the spark of joy and getting rid of what is no longer useful or causes pain,
    • Manage your time effectively, without falling into the trap of multitasking or “doing too much”,
    • Bring joy to your daily life, saying goodbye to stress!

    And all this is done by renouncing perfection: because yes, being organized does not necessarily mean being a perfectionist (and that's reassuring!).

    🌸 In this month marked by renewal, celebrate with us World Office Tidying Day which takes place on March 21. 🌸

    And if this spring cleaning awakens in you the crazy desire to tidy up your entire house, you can start by obtaining responsible, refillable products, which are also aesthetic: the French brand Little Pots offers a wide choice of jars and pots, which limit waste and plastic consumption. Good allies who will help you achieve a peaceful ecological transition, and who will accompany you for a long time!

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